Inner Construction Material Bundle

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Introducing the Inner Construction Material Bundle.

The materials you need for the inner construction of your custom shoes.

Available in two bundle sizes:

  • 3 Pack yields at least 3 pairs of custom shoes
  • 10 Pack yields at least 10 pairs of custom shoes
  • *quantities based on size US Men’s 13

What's Included:

Item QTY in 3 Pack Bundle QTY in 10 Pack Bundle
Toe Puff 2 Sheets 6 Sheets
Main Base 8 sqft 24 sqft
Corovan (Filler) 2 Sheets 4 Sheets
Heel Counter 1 Sheet 4 Sheets
Lasting Board 3 sheets 10 Sheets
Thin Foam 1/4" 5 sheets 12 Sheets
Thick Foam 1/2" 3 sheets 10 Sheets


*No refunds or exchanges. All sales final.

*Can be used across all silhouettes

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