About SRGN Studios

Founded by Dominic "The Shoe Surgeon" Ciambrone, SRGN Studios is a Los Angeles-based collective of creatives, built to inspire creativity, further the industry and push the unique and timeless craft of custom shoe making and design.

By offering a wide array of custom tailored solutions – from design and development, to integrated marketing and branded experiences – we strive to invigorate our clients at the highest level.

Based on our philosophy and dedication to the craft, we don't compromise on materials or time. The products we create are made to last and made to wear. 

  • Each custom pair of shoes are individually priced. Each pair is unique to clients specifications and needs. Prices will vary according to size, detail, style, material etc. 
  • To receive a BESPOKE HANDMADE PAIR please fill out the request form in all fields. (orders created with missing fields will NOT be considered)
  • Once a request form has been fully submitted, received, & chosen, you will receive a detailed reply via email regarding the specifics of your shoes.


  1. All appointments are confirmed after deposits are received.
  2. All deposits are final and non-refundable.
  3. We are grateful for every request. However due to a high volume of demand not all projects will be taken on. Thank you