Student Lab 15  

Scroll through to learn about the inspiration behind each design & vote for your favorite.

Bumble Bees
by Alan Farias

Ever since I can remember my mom has owned a retail store where she would sell clothes and shoes. At a young age I started getting interested in the shoe industry but never had the money to buy or chase the dream. The Shoe Surgeon popped up on my feed just at the right time. I had a lot of extra time so all that was left to do was chase the dream.

First of Many
by JaJuan Nicholas

What inspired me to make this shoe was losing my grandmother to dementia on July 23rd, 2020. Red represents my favorite color and it was also a color that she liked to wear on her nails. Purple represents awareness for dementia and Alzheimers. I love you forever Maw Maw! I hope I made you proud!

by Mosi Ellis

The design is inspired by good vibes. I wanted to create a colorful and bright shoe to represent being positive and optimistic. I wanted to create a shoe to inspire others to not be afraid to take risks with their art and life.

Cream City
by Kylan Weber

Just being in this creative environment around like minded people let me react creatively and pick what I thought would go well together. I’m already ready for the next ones.

Beauty in the Struggle
by Thu Yein Linn

I moved to Southern California 5 years ago to study and during those years I made a lot of memories with a lot of highs and lows. I’m going back to my hometown of Yangon, Myanmar in a few weeks so I wanted to create a shoe to remember SoCal by. The dark grey tones represent the highways with the green for the palm trees and the pink for flowers around LA.

Hasta la Muerte
by Bryan Becerra

These shoes were made for my best friend. She's put all the weight of the world on her shoulders with no care for comfort or style, hopefully these make the rest of the journey a little better. Hasta la muerte!