If you're looking to take your skills to the next level, but you haven't been able to make it to an in-person class, this online class will give you the same immersive experience from home. In one month, you'll learn the whole Shoe Surgeon process and construct your own pair of custom sneakers from scratch.

Enrollment for the class opens on March 8-March 19, and the class officially begins on April 5.


Meet people from all over the world while learning something new. Join us for a 4-day hands-on shoemaking experience led by The Shoe Surgeon and Surgeon Studios team – from patterning, material cutting, sewing, lasting & more!


What is included in the cost of the in-person class?

  • The Shoe Surgeon's Sneaker Deconstruction / Reconstruction Curriculum
  • Pair of shoes to customize
  • Custom Shoe Surgeon shoebox + apron
  • Personal shoemaking toolkit
  • Unlimited materials to use during the class
  • Industry knowledge from Dominic Ciambrone and the entire Surgeon Studios team
  • Sewing bootcamp with top of the line sewing machines
  • The Shoe Surgeon's guide to where to source top materials, tools, etc. to continue creating beyond the class
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, beverages
  • Private dinner and networking event with the Shoe Surgeon and team
  • Access to discounted shoemaking supplies, exclusive events, Shoe Surgeon promotions, and more!
  • Optional entry to participate in our post-class Student Lab competition.

Is there an age requirement to take the class?

No, our classes are open to all ages and skill levels.

How long is the in-person class?

Each class is taught over a 4 day period, running for ~8 hours each day.

Do you provide the shoes or do I bring my own?

A pair of shoes is included in the cost of the class. We will provide the shoes in your selected size for you to customize and take home at the end.

Am I responsible for my own travel?

Yes, students are responsible for covering their travel and lodging.

Do I need to know how to sew before taking the class?

No, sewing bootcamp is part of our course. Our team will teach you every step of the process, no previous experience required!


Diversity and education are fundamental values in our brand's DNA. Our team is committed to integrating long term practices that empower diversity and create opportunities that drive change.
Help us support the community through education, mentorship and creative exploration by applying for our Diversity Scholarship Program – one scholarship per month will be awarded to an applicant to take our shoemaking course.
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